About Us

     Marinko Duzel

Marinko has had a passion for electronics specializing in refrigerant and cooling technologies for over 20 years and has been repairing and servicing electronic equipment throughout this time.
Marinko successfully owns 5 Beauty Salons which specialise in non surgical laser and skin rejuvenation which keep him up-to-date with the latest treatments and products.  His passion extends to the hands-on management approach of some forty employees working within these salons.
Marinko's certified qualifications within the electrical engineering and air conditioning/refrigeration trades hold him in high esteem within the industry and prides himself on always being available to help, advise and recommend solutions.
His team of expert engineers are selected for their high expertise and experience within the electrical engineering industry in order to provide the best possible service to each and every client.

     Trevor Neale 

Trevor is an established leader, educator and engineer within the aesthetic device industry. He wrote and delivered the Laser and IPL Component of the first 5 courses through Victoria University Bachelor Of Health Science Dermal Therapy Degree as well as having been a presenter at paramedical portions of various Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Society conferences on Laser, IPL & RF.
With over 30 years’ experience as a technical Support Engineer and over 20 years in Laser Clinical training and support for various Laser, IPL and RF manufactures, Trevor’s thorough understanding of Aesthetic devices allows him to guide the development of these technologies for manufacture under Australian Aesthetic Devices Pty Ltd quality management system credential ISO 13485, established by TUV for manufacturing of medical devices.
Trevor also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing. This insight into the integration of systems, electronics, interface programming and clinical outcome requirements, has been invaluable in regards to reviewing, supporting and designing products for use in Australia.
Trevor ensures that the systems we provide are ideally suited for the Australian Market and that our customers are confident not only in the reliability of the technology, but also in their own ability to operate the technology safely and effectively.

     Tony Li 

While Tony has resided in Melbourne for the last 10 years, he is also the international sales manager for a family business in China, which manufactures and sells Eagle Pair Laser and IPL Safety glasses as well as manufacturing specialised, coated optical items such as IPL filters and light guides. This experience has not only given him an insight into optic design, which would be available to few, but has also given him and his family a unique relationship and insight into the processes of manufacturing not only in China but throughout the world.
Tony’s father is an optical expert located in Beijing China, with over 30 years of experience in designing coatings, manufacturing optical components and spectrum analysis. He started the family business in 1990’s which now services various industries, including a meteorologic satellite that was launched around 2000.
Eagle Pair started serving many aesthetic equipment manufacturers in 2005, being the only Chinese Polycarbonate Laser and IPL Safety Glasses manufacturer at that time. It is recognised in China as a manufacturer and supplier of quality coated optical components. Eagle Pair developed extensive links and formed direct relationships with most of the aesthetic equipment manufacturers in China, providing necessary components such as filters, light guides and protection eyewear.
This direct business link with the Chinese manufacturers has allowed Tony to assess which of these have the highest levels of quality control and are truly passionate about their designs and the products they build. He has been able to go beyond the selection factors of size, product range and price, to asses the factory’s reputation, ethics and passion, looking for those who can not only provide a quality product, but who are willing to stand behind it 110%. Tony’s connections ensure that all our products will perform when it really counts.
Tony plays a very important part in ensuring that the manufacturer is fully aware of the design requirements needed for the Australian market. Additionally, the expertise of Tony and his family offer a pathway for Eurolec Lasertech to specify optical enhancements in filter manufacturing which will ensure the technology will be comparable to, or surpass that of other Brand-Name systems currently on the market.